This is an example of seven syllable AMBAHAN POETRY OF THE Hanuoo-Mangyans of Mindoro island,
Central Philippines
When the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century Philippines, they were surprised to find the inhabitants
 reading and writing in this exotic Asian script. It is a syllabic writing derived from ancient Brahmin scrip
that originated in India some 2500 years ago. Although it has gradually disappeared it is still used by the
 Mangyans for their poetry. It is either engraved on bamboo or embroidered on cloth.

  1. Says the man, already old, thinking of the life after death. When I will leave, it will be nice I will whistle ,
    I will yell on the highest mountain peaks. Yes, one day I will be glad; I will see my wife again!. Many things
     we’ll have to say ! Then I won’t want to come back.  
  2. So you will be going now, starting on a journey far!...
  3. My dear boy, my friend so nice what you like now on the spot; tie the bamboos solidly In the middle
    of the floor! ….
  4. My dear girl. I like you so much, tomorrow when the sun shines, we will leave this place of yours, let us
     go together then! Both of us be on the way to my mother to propose. She will be so very glad!
  5. My sweet-scented perfume plant, Mother, don’t throw it away! Better put it over there, on top of the place I sleep.
    Then when I come from the field or arrive from a far trip, I can watch it and enjoy .How I will be happy then.
  6. If you are angry with me, don’t be mad behind my back! Face me and we can agree. You know why I tell you this?
    That I can go home in peace To Limbangan with the reeds, where the Anuhan food meets.
  7. If your marriage is perfect, what we are still looking for? Here is where you’ll like to stay; all your life you’ll be
     with her until you are growing old . You won’t want to separate till the moment you will die; always she will be
    with you.
  8. You girl, I would like to love if you wish to close the door while I am staying outside, let it be closed from the floor,
    reaching to the heavens wide!
  9. You, sweet-smelling herb, my wife, I would like to tell you this, and to make it known to you, that
    although I go away from our house and dwelling place, bad intentions there are none. Our love remains the same.  
    AMBAHAN POETRY : Price  $3.50each

    This is an example of the seven syllable AMBAHAN poetry
    of the Hanuoo-Mangyans of Mindoro island, Central Philippines


AMBAHAN POETRY : Price  $3.50each
This is an example of the seven syllable AMBAHAN poetry of the
Hanuoo-Mangyans of Mindoro island, Central Philippines

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